Sunday, 1 July 2007

Whole Lot of Mystery

Mystery Stole 3 is underway! Close to 4000 knitters around the world have signed up to receive weekly clues from Melanie at Pink Lemon Twist. (Melanie designed the lovely Hanami Stole among other things.) If you haven't joined in but are interested the group closes next Friday so get a move on!!

Anyway - Melanie releases a 'clue' a week for the next few weeks (7 clues in all I think) which we knit up. We have no idea what the finished stole will look like - and I think it's an amazing testament to Melanie's talent that so many of us are willing to invest yarn and time in an unseen pattern.

There is a theme to the stole, which Melanie will reveal eventually (clue 5 I think). So far all we know is that colours in keeping with the theme are black and white. There are quite a few guesses floating around but none from me. I'm useless at this sort of thing. In fact, I suspect when the theme is revealed I still won't get it!!

I was undecided between white and black yarn for the stole so ordered both. When I went to cast on I was still undecided. So I cast on both. Worked about 20 rows and still couldn't decide... did another 20 rows.....ummm...still sitting on the fence.... This afternoon I finished the first clue in both yarns....still undecided. Perhaps clue 2 will help me decide.....

(I think marketing gurus could learn a lot from this as well. 4000 knitters learned of the 'Mystery Stole', signed up and committed to spending £30ish and countless hours to an unseen project. All started by a couple of posts on Melanie's blog. No advertising, just the power of the internet 'word of mouth'. Pretty darned impressive I think!)

Harry Potter (and TV suggestions required)

There are now officially no tv shows that I'm interested in watching. The Dr Who finale was last night (I watch mostly because I have an embarassing crush on David Tennant) - anyway - I now can't find anything to watch. And a woman of my advanced years can only take so much Radio 1 before her age catches up with her.

So I've invested in the Harry Potter audio books which I listen to while knitting. I thought it would be worth reminding myself what happened in 1 to 6 before I tackle 7 at the end of the month. (I am such a geek.) Stephen Fry is brilliant and really does the stories justice.

If anyone has any ideas for new shows I should check out - let me know!


Adrienne said...

I can't wait to see your stole finished!!!

Mia said...

You could keep going in both colours! Personally I'd find the black more useful, but both look gorgeous.

Viknits said...

Both colours look beautiful! I'm dying my yarn for this today (had to wait for mum to go out!). I think you should keep going in both! :)
The Harry Potter audio books are great aren't they, the telly's terrible these days. The only programmes I've watched were Spring Watch, and Saving Planet Earth (not much help, sorry)!
I'm going to try and update my blog today :D
Vik x