Friday, 29 June 2007

From Monogamy to Tart.... I blame Zane Lowe

I've never been someone to have many knitting projects on the go at one time. In fact, for most of my life I've been a one project kind of gal. But (and perhaps I should blame the bad influence of that modern music Zane Lowe* plays) lately I've become a bit of a project tart. I currently have 2 pairs of socks (3 if you count the ones I've decided to send to the frog pond), the Alpine Lace scarf, a Rowan denim cardigan I found languishing at the bottom of my stash and I'm about to cast on for the Mystery Stole 3 (wahey!) and my gorgeous god daughter's birthday gift.

I realise that many people survive quite happily with 10's of projects on the needles...but I'm not one of them. I'm a bit (ahem) of a control freak. And (sad confession) I tend to 'schedule' my knitting. I can juggle a portable sock (for commuting), a lace or complicated pattern for 'quiet' time and a simple project for tv time... but if I add a fourth project -where does it fit? Perhaps an excel spreadsheet with auto alarm functions is required....

CHECK THIS OUT: Next time you find yourself complaining to yourself about the 100, 200 or 300 stitches on your needle, or whinging because the yarn and needles are tooooooo fine check out this site The Princess Diaries . It's a blog of two people both tackling this gorgeous pattern from Heirloom Knitting . I've seen reference to rows with 865 stitches. eeeek!

It's an amazing project and I'll definitely be checking back there for updates. (Although for obvious reasons the blog seems to be more a 'once every few months' type blog than daily!) If you do check it out - leave them some encouragement. In one of the entries they compare knitting the shawl to running a marathon - and from my marathon experience I can say the encouragement from onlookers was always appreciated.

* Speaking of Zane Lowe the 'Reclaim the Hipness of the Knit' (aka get Zane to say the 'k' word) is still underway and still unsuccessful. I think I may be the only knitter who listens to Zane. (In fact I may be the only person over 25 who listens to Zane.)

But I won't give up easily. Or at all. I'm weird that way.

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Viknits said...

Aaw no luck with Zane :( keep at it, he'll have to give you a shout out sometime!
Regarding the many projects - they all look lovely, though I know what you mean about being a one project kinda gal. I like to get each one out of the way, but in reality it just doesn't happen! :s
I haven't been taking my photos since being home, well hardly, also I have a terrible dial up connection, so go online perhaps once or twice a week, and it takes forever to load up photos. Argh!
Soooooo.. I will make more of an effort to get online and get my photos on my blog! :)
Vik x