Monday, 24 November 2008

Anyone Out There?

I knew it had been a while since I'd done a blog update (aided by a few pointed queries from family and the Caked Crusader) - but somehow it comes as a complete surprise to me that it's been well over a month!!! Wow - time flies when you aren't doing anything.

"Not doing anything?" you ask. Yep. On October 31st I walked out of my office in the City for the last time. Ever.

I feel a bit of an oddity as the reason for my departure isn't the economic nose dive or recent banking crisis - in fact discussions about me leaving began around a year ago. And I confess that every now and then when I hear about the job losses in the City I feel a bit like someone who went to a small party only to be joined by thousands of people who've been forced to come along -- and they (obviously) aren't quite so pleased to be there. So I'm just staying in my little corner popping the occasional champagne cork trying to be quiet.

Anyway - you'd think that not having to work each day would give me lots of time for things like blogging and Ravelry. But you'd be wrong.

Doing nothing is an full time job.

Knitting wise - well - there have been some socks. Three pairs of these were for my younger sister who has been waiting since May for me to get round to knitting them. She's very pleased with them and has already requested more.

How times have changed since the days when I knit socks without knowing where'd they go!

The first pair is from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks - Child's First Sock. I am not clear if this is the first sock they wear, or the first sock they knit. It's a nice pattern in any event.

The next two pair are standard Opal self patterning yarn socks. I was very pleased that with the wide stripe socks that I decided not to attempt to match as for no reason at all there was a very short length of red in the second sock. No knot -- the yarn just had a dodgy repeat.

The final pair of socks in the parade of socks is knit from Noro sock yarn - cool colours but not as soft as I'd like.

I made fingerless gloves for Marvellous Madeleine (Gorgeous Goddaughter Genevieve's little sister). She wanted colourful and non-matching and was very pleased when these were delivered. The yarn is a sample of the remnants from the Babette Blanket.

I made a Peacock Feathers shawl - but haven't taken any photos yet. I'll do that next update.... which will be mid December as I'm off to the old homestead for a bit of holiday where the internet has not yet arrived so I'll be out of communication until then.