Thursday, 22 May 2008

I Still Got Nothin'

Today the Caked Crusader stormed (really, she stormed) into my office and said, "When are you going to update your blog? Every time I open it, it's the green socks. I'm over the green socks. I liked the green socks but I don't want to look at them again."

So, here I am.

Unfortunately, I'm still stealth knitting so no knitting progress pictures. I'm making a few things for people who might dip into this blog and don't want to spoil the surprise (or indeed increase their anxiety level over what the heck I'm going to make them wear now).

For various reasons (mostly timing of delivery of books, patterns, yarn, needles and buttons) I'm working concurrently on about 6 projects at the moment meaning I've become a multiple Work in Progress-er (WIPer).

And I have one question.

How do you multi-WIP-ers ever finish anything? I swear, I'm knitting, but nothing's getting finished. I work on one project a bit and then another and then another, and each moves forward....but .... sigh.

I'm just not cut out for this knitting around. I'm a one project kind of gal.

(I should confess that the lack of progress could also be related to the fact that I had completed half a stealth project when I realised the gauge was off. Way off. And sadly, it's a project where gauge matters. Back to the drawing board.)

Errrr - that's all I got.

(The pictures are of a couple of recent purchases. The bag is a lovely Offhand Design knitting bag that I bought from Purlescence. I love it. It gets loads of compliments, and I use it as a handbag even when I don't want to take any knitting along. The Noro is sock yarn. It feels a bit rough, but I've read that it softens up after the first washing. I sure hope so, or someone's feet are going to be very very unhappy.)

Friday, 9 May 2008

It's Like Christmas in May....

.... Mostly because I'm working on some stealth projects and it has reminded me of the blog material void I faced last December when I was finishing up my Christmas knitting. All of that to say I've got a couple of interesting projects on the go - but I can't tell you about them.

Aren't you glad you stopped by?

Instead of the interesting projects, I'll post some pictures of recently completed socks. Hurrah!

These are the Embossed Leaves socks that I started when I went to Qatar earlier this month. I ripped them back and they are no longer too big for human feet and I'm very fond of the finished product. The pattern is from Favourite Socks and is definitely on my favourite sock pattern list. The leaf pattern is pretty easy to memorise, but interesting enough to keep you zipping around.

This is my first pair of Socks that Rock socks, and I am ready to take out a mortgage to stock up on more. The yarn really is lovely and squishy and the colour is great.

After successfully completing a pair of identical socks from self striping yarn, I've gone back to my lax ways and whipped up these fraternal socks using Kaffe Fasset regia sock yarn.

(Miraculously, I actually know that this is 'Landscape Storm' colourway. Go me!)

And because I had 5 pairs of socks finished but not yet distributed I decided to take a socks on parade photo because I could and I'm sad that way.

On a less productive note, I have decided that the Faux Russian Stole I started last month is never going to be. You may recall that I started it using some lovely (but crazy crocking) Claudia's silk. And I can't really say why - but the project never really took off. I did about 60 rows, but each with little or no enthusiasm, and since then I can't seem to convince myself to pick it up again.

So today I pulled it off the needles and ripped it all out.

I still like the pattern, and I love the silk - so I expect both will reappear (separately) at some point.

(And for those of you whose hearts have stopped at the photo of the unravelled yarn in a heap. Fear not. All was lovingly rewound. No laceweight was hurt in the making of this blog.)