Monday, 7 April 2008

I've Been Podcasted!

This morning WonderMike from Y Knit let me know that this here very blog was mentioned in their latest episode - Lace in Your Face. One of their guests (either Doug or Troy, I confess I didn't know which was speaking at the time)(but Doug (or Troy) - if you're out there today you are my favourite reader!) -- anyway, Doug (or Troy) kindly mentioned my blog as one he likes to visit. I'm still blushing.

The podcast was a great 33 minute diversion this morning -- and I would have said that even without the reference to me! Apart from Doug and Troy they also spoke to my latest crushes - Lew and Gene who are master knitters from the Lacy Knitters Guild. I defy you to listen to that section and not go - "aaaahhhh - how cute are they?".

And to prove that the world is powered by some sort of crazy synchronicity thing WonderMike and hizKnits closed the podcast with an homage to Public Enemy's 'Bring the Noize' called Lace for Boyz. Now the orginal is a track from the very same album Zane Lowe and I bonded over last week! Hip hop is alive and well in the world of knitting!

Naturally being me, after feeling ridiculously pleased, I started to worry. Sure Doug (or Troy) liked my blog so far - but what if it starts to become stale. What if I run out of things to say or (eeeek) knit? What if Doug (or Troy) think my next project sucks?

Luckily before I could sink into a pit of despair at disappointing my now favourite reader Doug (or Troy) the phone rang and I had to do some work.

Knitting wise, I'm still working on the self striping socks.

Just to prove I can I'm making these socks as matching socks.

So far so good.

I've also cast on the Faux Russian Stole from a Gathering of Lace using an amazing reddy - orange Claudia's Handpainted silk. I am not sure what makes the stole Russian, so I'm even less clear why it's Faux.

But it is.

The pattern is fairly straightforward so far, but hasn't really grabbed my interest. The yarn is crocking like a crazy crocking thing. (Crocking, I discovered last week, is what you call it when the dye from yarn rubs off onto your fingers, pattern pages or anything else it comes in contact with.)

The excessive crocking makes it look like you've been feasting on Cheesies (or Cheesy Wotsits for my UK friends) instead of knitting. It washes off as easily as Cheesie dust, but I confess it doesn't taste as good if you are tempted to lick it off your fingers.

PS to Opal -- the sock pattern in the last post is Waving Lace.


fleegle said...


The shawl is gorgeous and so are the socks!

Holly said...

Good to know the meaning of "crocking". I have the Y Knit podcast on my ipod for my trip to work tomorrow; now I'm looking forward to it even more! You definitely deserve the shoutout - your blog is always a pleasure to read.

Love the red Claudia's. Can't wait to see the FO!

Opal said...

Congratulations on being podcasted and thanks for letting me know what pattern it was you used. :)

Kai said...

Woo Hoo!!! Congrats on the podcast mention. :)

Lovely socks and lovely, lovely lace, once again.

I don't think you're knitting could ever be boring, or stale or any such thing.

Gale said...

Podcasted! Now that's nice.

Thank you for the comments on the Alpine scarf. It sure is nice to have that done with.

That orange/red is leaving a lot of dyestuff on my hands and everything else too. Love that colour though.

ColetteS said...

Thanks for the definition of "corking". I once knitted with some hand painted cashmere that did that. It was a royal pain.

Congrats on being podcasted.

clarabelle said...

Wow - podcasted! (I must add here that I haven't got an ipod, and don't even really know what they are... ha!)

Love the look of the new Faux shawl - I'm drooling over that colour! I've vowed that I wouldn't buy any more lace weight until I'd used up my stash, but I'm sorely tempted now...

Kristina B said...

You rock! Congrats! (and don't worry about being boring... I doubt that will happen. Please don't feel that I'm putting any pressure on you either... LOL).

Is that the Claudia's from the Year of Lace 2008 kit in Sivia's brick orange? just curious. I have the same yarn and it crocks as well - again, no biggie, but I'm a bit concerned about setting it when I get around to finishing the piece (which I haven't started yet). Any tips?

Everything is lookin good!


Viknits said...

Thanks :) It wasn't tooo boring, but I'm sure it will get boring within a matter of weeks!
Your blog's humourous and interesting - keep up the good work! I love the stole as well :)

LittleBerry said...

I will have yo listen to that podcast.... Congratulations I can't imagine your blog ever becoming stale and you're always a source of inspiration and help :o)

Love the lace... looking forward to seeing it a bit further down the road....

Self striping, plain socks Ahhh need I say more ;o)

Queen of the froggers said...

You are famous, well done! The staole is looking rather tasty, love the colour.

Jacqui said...

Congrats on the podcast mention :) well deserved :)

Crocking, new word to add to the vocab.

I have the faux russian on my 'to do' list, let us know if you find out why it's Rusian and faux.

Moggle said...

Congratulations on being podcasted. I will have to listen.

Great socks and the stole is looking wonderful.

fleegle said...

I hadn't considered that the sweater was approved by a team, which makes it even scarier. That magazine badly needs a new team, doesn't it? Even Lester would have better taste.

WonderMike said...

Hello M'Dear! It was Troy who loves your blog, but I suspect that Doug does now, as well. Oh, and me too!

I knew the term "crocking" because I used to work at Levi Strauss & Co. And our rigid 501s would stain your hands if you had to handle them enough before washing.

That Russian stole is turning into a thing of beauty in spite of the crocking.


Melly said...

ha, call me dense...this comment went to the wrong post...sorry about that! You might want to delete the other one...or not, however here we go again:

Hi there Soo, congrats on being podcasted! You deserve being mentioned, your blog is fabulous and don't you worry to much! Your projects are superb and you are a great inspiration to me!
You have asked me in a comment about the Gloxiniaeflora-doily....the link, where I got it is this one:

Glenda aka doilyhead is a great enabler and a very nice contact!
If you wish you can tell her, that I have sent you to her flickr-page...*lol*

Oh and Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog and being a regular visitor! I am happy about that and hope I can count you in as one of my best internet-friends!

Love and hugs

Jane said...

I listed to that podcast and was so thrilled to hear that you got mentioned! Congratulations :-) Also, I had no idea that there was a term for yarn where the dye comes off onto everything. My sister has some yarn that is doing that right now. Very annoying for both you and her but the lace is very pretty.

Cinders said...

Congratulations on being podcasted! i've never listened to one yet. must work out how o dwonload them.
Your saocks look great. Your blog will never become stale so dony worry. you knit such gorgeous stuff

Anonymous said...

Oh these are exquisite! Any way to get rid of the crocking? I had red color from a garment walk off on my undergarments (and my bag) and there are still remnants of it despite repeated washing. I can't imagine wearing it again and ruining other articles of clothing.