Thursday, 3 April 2008

Still Reclaiming the Hipness of the Knit

A few of you (very few of you I suspect) may have been around last summer when I started a one woman campaign to 'Reclaim the Hipness of the Knit' which revolved around getting Zane Lowe to say the 'knit' word during his radio programme. (Zane presents a specialist music programme - generally new music - very hip and trendy.)(I think when Zane pictures his audience it's full of old-ish knitters.) Anyway - you'll recall my euphoria at successfully getting him to say 'knit' not once, but TWICE. Fast forward a few months to Zane's annual 'Masterpiece' season and -- I've made it to the website! (scroll down to the 'Your Masterpieces' section) (Tonight is the final night of the Masterpieces season - Guns 'n Roses Appetite for Destruction -- I guess I'll have to whip up a scarf for Axl Rose.)

And just to prove that I was indeed knitting while listening to Zane - here are the socks I completed on Tuesday while listening. (I confess they aren't for the members of Public Enemy, they are for my Mom.)(Who has never to my knowledge, rapped or indeed listened to what I suspect she'd call 'Hippity Hoppity' music.)

They are from Favourite Socks, made with Dream in Colour Smooshy yarn.

I like the pattern, easy to remember but fun to knit. It has a scalloped rib cuff, which is cute but I'm not sure the socks will stay up!!

A few days ago Batty posted pictures of some socks she had just finished and they reminded me how much I love self striping/patterning yarn. So last night while settling into The Apprentice (UK version) I cast these on. (And really, what was Alan Sugar thinking??? That has to be the biggest board room injustice EVER.)

Plain round and round knitting. Lovely.

And finally I present this disappointing scarf.

Last Thursday I went to check out iKnit's new location near Waterloo Station. It is way more convenient for me and I'm soooo pleased they made the move. The new shop is lovely and as welcoming and cosy as ever.

Anyway, while I was there I was tempted by two skeins of really lovely Tilli Thomas silk yarn pre-strung with beads. It looked so gorgeous I had to have some.

Not content with just having it - I wanted to make something that made the most of the sheen of the silk and sparkling beads.

I faffed around with quite a few lace patterns on the weekend and really struggled to find something that worked. (This was made more pleasant by 3 hours of David Tennant as Casanova. It was very funny, and DT was as charming as you'd expect.)

After many aborted attempts I ended up with this simple pattern. I crocheted a ruffle on each end and I'm totally underwhelmed by the finished object.


Lesson for the week:
Simple yarn - you have a million ways to make it special.
Special yarn - there is no where to go but down!!


The Caked Crusader said...

Big up to the South London Knitting Posse!

I'm sure it will help Axl finally finish "Chinese Democracy" if he has a nice warm scarf to protect his vocal chords. I bet his record label are cursing themselves for not thinking of it sooner.....

Glad to hear Casanova was enjoyed.

Opal said...

Oh I love those socks! Which pattern was it? Even though I have the book, I don't recognize it.

I can't think of anything better to listen to then some Guns'N'Roses. Talk about some classic metal. :)

fleegle said...

You know, I saw that Tilli Thomas yarn in a LYS the other day and I nearly bought it. I think it's prettier in the skein than it could ever be after knitting it up. The sample they had there was underwhelming.

I am knitting some Smooshy socks now..but I am finding the yarn quite harsh, although it felt lovely in the skein. Hope it softens up in the wash.

clarabelle said...

Yo, Soo, how's it hanging? Throw some moves, man. You groovy knitter, you! And yours was the first text mentioned... wow!

I zoomed past the iKnit shop when I was on a bus with my son last year. I was like, 'stop the bus, stop the bus, a yarn shop!' but my horrified son rugby-tackled and gagged me.

I know what you mean about some 'luxury' yarns being underwhelming when knitted up, though I do actually like your scarf. And all that Posh yarn lined up... Adoration of the Magi or what?

Kai said...

Woohoo!! :) You're famous now. :)

Love the socks.. and the scarf is very pretty, but I agree with Fleegle, it's one of those yarns that looks great skeined, but not fabulous like it should, once knit up. *hugs*

LittleBerry said...

Simple yarn - you have a million ways to make it special.
Special yarn - there is no where to go but down!!

How very true!!!!

I like your patterned socks but you can't beat self-patterning yarn :o)

BTW I am about to start the top borders on Alpine :o)

Kristina B said...

David Tennant David Tennant David Tennant David Tennant...

oops. Sorry about that!

The socks are great (occasionally I wish I could knit socks without destroying sock needles). As for the scarf, I think it's quite cute but the yarn, you're right, does not seem up too much. So, thanks for posting it as I've been thinking of ordering some of the Tilli Thomas. Given the calibre rest of your work, if you couldn't make this yarn shine (as it were) then there is no hope for me. :-)

Queen of the froggers said...

Lovely socks. You are so right about simple and special yarns. Thats why we have beautiful stash isn't it, too look at :)

Kristina B said...

Soo - if you want to claim your prize for correct guessing of my shawl theme, Email me at BespokeByBrouhaha at gmail dot com. :-)



Batty said...

Beautiful socks! I'm about to start listening to some metal because I'm frogging and I can't find the end, so I'm unraveling the cast-on edge. Talk about awful! Anyway, congrats!

Viknits said...

*puts hand up* I was here :p YEY for getting a mention!
Shizzle ma nizzle dizzle (yeah ok I got that off the Orange advert) *attempts the clicky fingers thing that rappers do*.. *looks a fool*
Love love love the socks :) the TT would have probably just made a beautiful squishy ornament left all skeined up! ;)

Anonymous said...

Socks are fab!

Scarf is lovely. *pets it* But I know what you mean about getting gorgeous yarn and wanting to find something just right for it, then being disappointed with the result of the pattern that ended up knitting itself.

motifci said...

Beautiful socks! thank you

motifci said...

Very good thank you i love knitting

Melly said...

Hi there Soo, congrats on being podcasted! You deserve being mentioned, your blog is fabulous and don't you worry to much! Your projects are superb and you are a great inspiration to me!
You have asked me in a comment about the Gloxiniaeflora-doily....the link, where I got it is this one:

Glenda aka doilyhead is a great enabler and a very nice contact!
If you wish you can tell her, that I have sent you to her flickr-page...*lol*

Oh and Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog and being a regular visitor! I am happy about that and hope I can count you in as one of my best internet-friends!

Love and hugs