Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Blogs - Who Knew?

I confess that until recently I had strongly held views on blogs. (If you've visited more than once you'll have found I have strongly held views on lots of things. Like a lot of people it's fair to say, the less I know on subject the more strongly held my views.) Anyway - I felt blogs were for self absorbed folk who had too much time on their hands.

Ha! What a fool!

Before the world of knitting forums and blogs I had never felted, made a shawl or knit a sock. Inspired by the amazing yarns and patterns I've found on blogs and in forums over the past 2 months I've made 2 felted bags, 5 pairs of socks, 2 stoles and 1 shawl. Crazy! And the list of things I want to make and the yarns I want to knit with just grows by the day. My yarn stash has grown an embarassing amount, and I have gadgets and needles of every description...and still every day I find something new.

I've been a knitter since the age of 5 or 6 - but it's fair to say that I've been exposed to more aspects of knitting in the past 2 months than in the many (many) (sigh) years before.

This week I've decided to attack the Alpine knit scarf in Victorian Lace Today and yesterday I googled to see if I could find any pictures of finished scarves by other knitters. In that trawl I found some pictures from a knitter (Laura) of a different shawl in the book. It's fair to say the shawl hadn't really made any impact on me from the book -- but the pictures on this blog were stunning! And zooooooom - the shawl moves up the 'make me' list.

And this week - my blog became a 'mini (very) point of interest' on an American forum from One of the posters there was interested in knitting the Hanami stole, googled it and hit on my blog. It gave them all another view of Melanie's lovely pattern and a few things to consider in knitting it.

Through that, one of the forum members found the entries on the Kaffe Fassett coat. By some strange coincidence one of her knitting group members had brought the pattern to their meeting the night before and sent me a message to tell me. How cool is that!

I have found a couple of knit forums (the one listed above, and the Angel Board) to share ideas on, so many blogs I love to visit, 3 fab new local yarn shops and sooooo many amazing online shops (possibly too many if my credit card bill is anything to go by) -- I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the possibilities.

But it's great!

Great Zane Lowe Radio 1 'On Board' Mission
Texts sent so far are:
Day 1: Soo is knitting up socks and on board.
Day 2: On board and knitting a shawl. Soo.
Day 3: On board and loving the knitting groove. Soo

On day 3 I did get a shout out. But I'm not satisfied --he dropped the knitting reference and just said I was on board. Bah!!! This ain't over yet - Zane - not by a long shot.

Knitty, Witty, Woo - I like the idea of other knitters texting. But I do think we should stick to some rules. (I love rules.) (Even when undertaking some strange 'reclaim the hipness of the knit' campaign, I love rules.)(I'm a lousy revolutionary.)

  1. You can only text if you are actually listening. (7pm, Radio 1, Monday through Thursday - text 81199)
  2. You can only send one text per evening.
  3. Text should contain 'on board' and a knitting reference.

Obviously - you can ignore these rules - but I like to think that slowly over time he'll get a few more knitting texts each day until we break him and he finally sends out some love to the knitters.

I'm actually out tomorrow night so I'll continue the campaign on Monday (as per rule 1).


Adrienne said...

LOL! blogging is great! And addictive! LOL

NH Knitting Mama said...

I love blogging, and glad that you have joined in! It's been such a nice way to meet people with similar interests.

Mia said...

It's not all good - blogs are why all my income is now tied up in yarn. Lots and lots of yarn that may take quite some time to use! I would have been happy picking up what I needed for each project AND NO MORE. Can you imagin that restraint knowing what luxuries are out there? And that's without even considering the lure to socks/lace/felt etc. It's a dangerous and addictive hobby we have!

Evelyn said...

Blogging is great! And about those beloved dpns....well, try magic loop and get back to me on that. It is my contention that other forms of knitting are clearly an afterthought and that knitting must have first been done in the round. (Why else would people have invented purling, if not to try to duplicate what happened spontaneously in the round. And perhaps magic loop wasn't the first method of knitting socks, but making a circle from a square or triangle isn't nearly as intuitive as making a circle from, well, a flattened circle. :-) Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have instructions on reformatting from a basic 3 part sock pattern to a 2 part pattern (suitable for 1 or 2 circs.)

Wendy said...

I absolutely ADORE that felted bag on the left (w/the bobble), can you post what pattern it is? I'd love to make that for a dear friend of mine. Glad I found your blog!

lindsayknitting said...

So glad you're blogging . . . I just came across your blog and I'm IN LOVE with the Hanami Stole. Thank you for posting your photos and providing me with some great inspiration :)