Wednesday, 13 June 2007

My First Soo Socks

Recently I took delivery of some amazingly colourful Opal yarn. Brilliant colours which would create wide stripes on some lucky sock. (sadly the picture doesn't do the colours justice) A few weeks ago a colourful stripey sock would have been enough.... But now that I've completed a few pairs of socks** I realised that I wanted something a little different from my brilliant coloured stripes and so I began my first foray into sock design.

I wanted to add some movement to the pattern - but keep the striping. And I wanted a plain sole to the sock -- patterned soles don't seem very comfortable to me.

It's been fun so far although the challenge to keep the instep pattern going with a plain sole has meant more than a few false starts and trips to the frog pond. I think I'm getting close to what I wanted though -- although some further tinkering for the proper Soo Sock is required.

In the meantime I'm working on the second Bayerische (still on two circulars)(eeeeek) and considering my next big project.

Oh! and I've joined a Mystery Stole-along!! The designer is Melanie from PinkLemonTwist and I fully expect the final result will be as stunning as her other patterns. I can't wait for the first clue which is due the first week of July.

** 'completed' in this context means: knit but waiting for the grafting fairy to visit. Sigh.


blueadt said...

Your sock looks fantastic Soo. I've been playing with designing as well & have finished my first pair [VBG]

sheepish1 said...

Thank you so much for your blog, you are inspiring others...these socks are gorgeous and love your other knitted items, these are now on my must do list...thanks for sharing..very nice job....Melodie