Monday, 18 June 2007

Taming the Bayerische

Yesterday I finished knitting up the second Bayerische sock. They do look lovely in red I think...
This is my fifth pair of socks and I think this addiction has firmly taken root. I have more sock yarn than I can list, and at last count had 7 (yep 7) different sock books -- all acquired since mid April. Expect to see a few more socks gracing this blog.

Below is my "Sockalong Sockathon" output. The goal was to complete 1 pair Opal Rainforest (check), 1 pair Monkey socks (check), and one pair Bayerische (check). The other two pair represent waiting time between finishing Monkey and the arrival of the red yarn for the Bayerische.

I finally had to graft the socks myself. And for a few moments I confess I started to doubt the existence of the Grafting Fairy. But I think it was just a scheduling problem and like Linus with the Great Pumpkin I won't let one let disappointment diminish my faith - I will continue to believe in the Grafting Fairy.

What's Next?
I'm still dithering about what to cast on next. I'm like a kid in a candy shop -- every time I stumble across a new pattern or yarn I change my mind!! I think I'll pull out Victorian Lace Today and see if I can settle on something.

....and finally - The Great Zane Lowe 'On Board' Mission

Often on a week night I find myself settling down with a bit of knitting around 7 -- and turning on the radio (which for reasons of laziness is always tuned to Radio 1) and hearing Zane Lowe 'shouting out' (young 'un talk) text messages from listeners who have got in touch to let him know they are 'on board' (more young 'un talk).

I quite enjoy the show - it's made up of mostly new music. For some of it I reassuringly find myself muttering under my breath "if that is what passes for music today" in much the same way my parents did. And much of it I reassuringly (in a contradictory sort of way) quite like - so there is some life left in me yet!

As someone who is almost definitely not part of Zane's target demographic (being very much the wrong side of 30) I decided to let Zane know we knitters are out there and, well, 'on board'. So tonight was night 1 of the text Zane Lowe with a 'Soo is knitting up socks and on board' message. I'm committed to texting every night (well, every night I'm around) until I get a shout out to knitters. Send some of that love to knitters Zane!

I'll keep you posted on results.....


Viknits said...

Fantastic socks Soo! I hope you get a shout out on Zane Lowe, that'd be ace! I don't listen to him, I have to confess I don't like most of what he plays! (I'm only the wrong side of 20 as well!)

TRACEY. said...

Whats the text number? We knitters can bombard him with sock knitting texts.
knitty, witty, woo.