Monday, 23 July 2007

Bits and Pieces....

Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments on the Alpine Lace scarf. I am pleased with how it turned out and if the other VLT patterns turn out as well I expect I'll be making most of them!
What's Next?: ummmm, haven't decided for sure. I have some Handmaiden Sea Silk I'd love to use but haven't decided on a pattern. Perhaps the Melon Scarf in VLT? Or maybe I should do look further afield (but then I think - why??)

Mystery Stole 3: We're on clue 4 now and it appears something dramatic is going to happen in clue 5. Clue 4 is the longest clue (135 rows for the standard length stole, 215 rows for the longer version which I'm making). I've done about 152 rows of the clue on the black one, and 104 rows of the clue on the white one.

Melanie has instructed us to put a lifeline in about 48 rows before the end of the clue, and the pattern and edging established appear to end at the last row of this clue. What the heck can be coming next?

Hedera Socks (aka freakish heel flap socks): I finished the Hedera Socks. I really liked the simple lace pattern and found it a relaxing knit. I was (and remain) confused by the pattern instructions for a freakishly long heel flap. I decided to follow the pattern despite my doubts -- but even now can't see any reason for it. So, I will make the socks again but with a more usual length heel flap. I'll let you know if that turns out to be a mistake!

My Shiny New Citizenship: And unrelated to anything knitting today I got a letter from the Home Office confirming that my application for UK citizenship has been approved. I'll attend an official ceremony sometime in the next month or so and then I'll be a fully naturalised UK citizen (hanging on with love and affection to her Canadian nationality all the while!).

On Board Mission (aka 'reclaim the hipness of the knit')(aka make Zane Lowe say the K word on 'in new music we trust' on Radio 1): - In case you thought I had seen sense and given up - I haven't. But Zane's on hols at the moment and I think getting Annie Mac to say the K word would be far to easy.


feltboots said...

Dual citizenship always seems a good choice - faster passport control in both directs :D

And MS3 is living up to it's name, isn't it ?!

yarndancer said...

Congrats on your citizenship!

I've just found your blog, and you've knit some amazing pieces!