Thursday, 2 August 2007

Who Knew iPods Had Feet?

I've been doing a bit of sock knitting this week. I completed this pair of socks from the gorgeous S. who is my best friend's second oldest daughter (and therefore my goddaughter's little sister). They are a plain sock in a very non-plain yarn -- Popsicle Jitterbug from Colinette. This colourway belongs to people like little S who is one of the sunniest, brightest, coolest people around!

I've also been knitting my goddaughter some socks for her iPod Nano. I confess I don't really understand the purpose of socks for an iPod - but they are cute, easy to knit and she wanted some. Nothing else to say really!

Work on the Melon Scarf is progressing well - only about 8 repeats of the centre panel left. That means I really should start thinking about what edging I want to use.

In the meantime I will cast on this scrummy purple yarn from Cazza's sock club to make some Latte Lace socks. I particularly like the detail on the heel of this pattern. When I bought the pattern I planned on using some cocoa coloured yarn (also from Cazza), but the purple arrived and I just have to knit it up. (I have a strong love for purple.) I think she's just opened up another 3 month subscription which I expect I'll be signing up for! (Because you can never subscribe to too many sock yarn clubs.)


Adrienne said...

Too cute!!!

LittleBerry said...

socks are lovely both kinds!!! ipod socks help prevent them getting scratched in pockets etc.....

Looking forward to seeing more photos of the lace scarf

Lothlorian said...

gosh sue your projects are jaw dropping impressive missy!!! so glad you like the purple too, I am not a big purple fan but have to say I am tempted to make one for me too ;)