Monday, 13 August 2007

Socks and ..... errrr....socks

I've finished the lovely Latte Lace socks (or in this colour, blackcurrant frappuccino lace). I really like them and expect I'll be making another pair at some point. The pattern is fun to knit - interesting enough to keep you knitting but quite relaxing. The yarn is Sloe Gin from Cazza, and the colour is really yummy.

I finished those and immediately cast on two new pairs of socks. New England from Nancy Bush's 'Knitting on the Road' and a plain pair in Lana Grossa self patterning yarn. The Lana Grossa socks are moving forward rapidly, and I'm really pleased with the striping pattern. I like it far more that I expected to from the unassuming ball of yarn I started with.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for the New England socks. The more observant amongst you will note the lack of needles, or signs of any progress. That is because I knit about 2 inches and then frogged it. Mine did not look cute and tidy. Mine looked messy, and goodness only knows what I was doing with the little lace pattern. Sigh. Anyway, I am not defeated. I just know better than to struggle long with a pattern when it is fighting me. I'll come back to this another time.

And today I had another request for socks! Yippeeee!! Max looks after my house for me - she comes in once a week cleans the place and sorts out stuff that needs sorting. She is AMAZING and gorgeous and funny and has proven to be a good friend over the years.

I guess she's noticed the recent spate of sock knitting (hard to miss really) and today asked if she could have a pair. Yippeee! So I'll leave her with some patterns and ask her to pick some yarn out of the stash and get those going soon.

In general, I don't knit for other people unless I know they WANT what I'm making (I don't think it's fair to expect them to love it just because I loved making it) and that they do appreciate the effort.

PS - still no sign of Wyoming. Well, except for FeltBoots brief and chilly visit that is. And although tempted, I don't think I can count that as a Wyoming blog visit.

PPS - I am dangerously close to taking on the Biggest Knitting Challenge of My Life! I'm still pondering, more detail later this week.


Diane said...

I can't imagine what the BKC could be??? You've already steeked years ago, and done an allover Fair Isle sweater...

Plain socks in grey wool for size 11 feet? Shetland wedding ring shawl?

I'm stumped :-)

LittleBerry said...

the socks look great... Lana Grossa has some nice self patterning yarns... if you like Fair isle type try the "Meetings" pattern it's my favourite especially the Raspberry pink & grey and I don't like pnk!!!! Think you're right to leave the sock pattern that's evading you at the moment there's no use fighting with a pattern, we're meant to enjoy this knitting lark....

as for your Biggest ever knitting challenge what could be bigger than your Chinese coat I wonder Mmmmmm.... sorry I'm not from Wyoming ;)

Adrienne said...

LOVE those socks! They are beautiful!

Queen of the froggers said...

I love your socks. Thank you for the nice comments on my blog.
What can that knitting challenge be!? I have one which i am going to start in September, its Venezia by Eunny. I am really scared though!

Paper said...

Wow, socks & lace--a woman after my own heart! The Latte Sox are gorgeous.

Rosemarie Buchanan said...

Hey Soo ... got your comment on my blog (Two Sticks and Some String), and if you need any help, please let me know!
Matter of fact, email me because I have another blog for you to check out, regarding the same subject (I won't give it away in case someone here reads it and knows what the BKC is!!).
rosemarie dot buchanan at gmail dot com
All the best!
Rosemarie Buchanan
Vancouver Island, on Canada's Glorious West Coast!