Monday, 8 October 2007

From the Sublime Niebling.... the ridiculous!

Just before the latest postal strike started this arrived on my desk!

Yep. A whole entire book of tea cosies.

I was first drawn to the book when the St John Ambulance in the UK made a request for knitters to make tea cosies as part of a fundraising effort. I did find a few patterns on line, but I loved the look of that cheerful tea cosy on the cover of the Tea Cosy book. It reminded me of the several thousand pairs of Phentex bumpy slippers my mother and I made when I was a kid.

(Egads! I've just found the Phentex slipper pattern online! I should say that we favoured the checkerboard pattern over plain stripes. But we were sophisticated like that.) (Phentex for those of you lucky enough to have not experienced it is 100% olefin(?) super scratchy, indestructible yarn that was popular in the 70's, primarily for things like slippers. It bears no resemblence to any natural fibre. It was man made and proud of it.)

I digress. The Tea Cosy book arrived and I've selected my first tea cosy!

How cute is that?

The postal strike continues, so I will buy the necessary yarn on Thursday when I attend:



fleegle said...

That is the most adorable tea cozy I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing. Don't like tea,but I guess I could use it as a pill bottle cozy or something :)

Queen of the froggers said...

I looked at that book on Amazon, I haven't bought it, yet!

Holly said...

I love that little sheep tea cozy! I can't wait to see your finished product. And since you can crank out a Niebling in a week, this should take you about an hour, right? :)

LittleBerry said...

that's one heck of a tea cosy..... but I wouldn't mind one....

z's momma said...

That is one very cool cozy.

Have fun at the show and procure lots of yarn.

ClaireEJ said...

Can't make it to the show this year so have mucho fun and please report back!
Loving the tea cosies. The sheep looks adorable.