Thursday, 11 October 2007

Knitting Mania

Whew.....back from the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace - my feet are sore and my credit card is reeling a little from use. I'm told the show is much more crowded on the weekend than it was today -- which made me very very happy that I wasn't attending on the weekend.
I have to confess that I wonder a bit whether the show has quite the same impact these days when the world is at the end of a www click. But it was fun to meet some of the people I've been ordering from the past few months, and I did manage to find some buying inspiration!

Without further ado - my purchases:

My first goal was Tea Cosy yarn. (As I expect it was for many.)(Or perhaps not.)(Having said that - I was surprised that there were about 4 stands which were selling tea cosy knitting patterns, so perhaps I've hit some sort of trend here.)

Black and white for the sheep.

Red and green for a Christmas 'bumpy' tea cosy.

Having achieved my goal, I rewarded myself with random purchases....
From the same stall I bought some variegated blue yarn to make a felted bag for my goddaughter.

From I bought some Kid Silk Night in a lovely lilac-y colour - which I think is destined for Romi's Muir.

And I discovered there's a new sock yarn seller in the UK and they win all awards for the best packaging! Look at this lovely tissue paper that the yarn is wrapped in, the cute little sticker and adorable stitch marker. Check out .

From Socktopus I bought two skeins of very squishy sock yarn called Smooshy.

I also randomly bought some 2mm Addi's in various lengths and a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Workshop book as I lent my copy and never got it back. (Can't really blame them - it's a great book.)

And to round off the day I bought some 6ply Regia sock yarn.
Right, I don't have time to blog I have knitting to do! Wahey!


Adrienne said...

wow you got some great stuff!!

Nevisknitter said...

Looks like you had a great time, hope you're not too tired to knit.

Helen said...

What beautiful wool! That blue is perfection.

fleegle said...

Lovely stuff, Soo. Let me know how you like the Smooshy. I haven't bought any yet, but I hear good things.

susubee said...

It certainly looks like you had a good time ;)

Now I want to knit a tea cozy...that madness is spreading!

Queen of the froggers said...

OOH! Lovely goodies there!

Holly said...

Wow, Soo - you made some good finds! I think Muir will be gorgeous in that Kid Silk Night! I can't wait to see your progress. And you'll love Smooshy - I am knitting a couple projects with Classy (another DIC yarn), and it's wonderful. I hope you got to put your feet up and work on a tea cozy, or two.