Friday, 7 September 2007

Pattern? Check. Needles? Check. Yarn? Check.

We have blast off! I arrived home from work today and found the much anticipated Lyra yarn had arrived. Eeeeeeeek!

I'll wind it up tonight and tackle casting on over the weekend. Those of you who kindly offered assistance with the pattern will no doubt be hearing from me sooooooooon.

The Orange Thing Resurrected
In the meantime the orange thing is once again on the needles. This time I'm knitting it double and that is much more the effect I wanted. Knitting it double also tones down the variegation but does still let the richness of the different shades shine through. Can you tell I'm much happier with this attempt? I also decided to use the Hemlock pattern Brooklyn Tweed originally used. I do still love the Azalea pattern from Modern Lace Knitting so expect to see it crop up here again.

Ravelry. Gadzooks!

And in other news I've now been added to Ravelry. I can see why it gets rave reviews but I confess when I logged in the first time I felt a little bit like I'd walked into a huge party that was in full swing and I did't know where to go or who to speak to or what the 'done' thing was. So I logged off.

Happily when I logged back in that evening a few friendly fellow bloggers had added me as a friend and I thought -- phew - eventually I'll find my way around here. But I hope this blogging community I've just gotten into continues despite Ravelry. Blogging and visiting blogs feels more like small gatherings of a few friends in my living room. Comfortable.

Just when you thought you'd heard the last of the Mystery Stole from me......
When I posted my Swan Lake Stole/Mystery Stole 3 picture someone asked how I would keep the stole draped over my shoulder. Well, I'm happy to report that the answer arrived yesterday. This beautiful swan pin from Romi was specially designed for the stole and I love it.


Adrienne said...

Your projects are looking great!

Romi said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad you like the pin. :) Your stoles are lovely!

LittleBerry said...

Ohhh Helen's Lace, lovely.... and I agree the orange-thing is looking good and works a lot better, the colour seems to suit the pattern better too....

As for Ravelry I agree, I've had my membership awhile and I admit to feeling over whelmed by it to the extent that it's only recently again (since n from yarn yard launched a group) that I've started visiting... I'm used to forums were half a dozen people may be online not 234!!!

Viknits said...

I've posted a couple of venice pics, but promise to post loads more when I get my connection in my flat on friday ;)
Your projects as always are beautiful Soo, shown off by a beautiful pin too. Did you wear one of your shawls when you went to see Joseph?

fleegle said...

Okay, let's see. Gorgeous, gorgeous, fooey on you, and gorgeous.

In more detail--Can't wait to see your Lyra in progress. I am only on row 47. A row is my reward for tackling border for the BWSK.

The orange thing looks even more like sunshine now!

I had 8000 people ahead of me in July and I still have 7900 people ahead of me. Some people who signed up after me are already in, so there's some filter in place that cuts me out.

Clearly, I will never got on Ravelry and I have stopped even thinking about it with one exception. It infuriates me to see people referred to my blog from there though--I can't see what they are discussing.

The shawl pin is adorable and perfect for the shawl!

clarabelle said...

Sorry to be over-enthusiastically in your face, but I just read your post about Ravelry. I'm about 4000 to go at the moment, and being a relatively new blogger also, your feelings about Rav 'overtaking the blog' is just what I fear.

And for gawd's sake, 'gadzooks'! I thought I had the monopoly on the word.