Thursday, 1 September 2011

Posh Yarn Prizes for Parkinsons!

The regional branch of the Parkinsons society in my hometown has decided to hold this year's SuperWalk in my father's honour.  This picture is my father with his brothers (most of them!) at a Parkinson's fundraising walk held at our family reunion last year.

Lots of family members will be taking part in the walk but I'm not able to make the trip to Canada to participate so I've registered as a 'virtual walker' and thought I'd hold a blog contest to raise some much needed money to fund research for improved Parkinsons treatments - and one day a cure.

The prizes are skeins and skeins of yummy Posh Yarn.

Regular visitors to the blog will know that Posh  Yarn is a firm favourite of mine - the base yarn is always fabulous and the colours are beautiful. Over the past few years it has become harder and harder to buy as it has grown in popularity. You can see some of my Posh Yarn projects here, and here, and here and here - oh! and here and here and  here and... well, you get the idea. I love the stuff!

But this cause is one very close to my heart, and raising money for this year's walk is very important to've raided my yarn cupboard and I'm giving some of my beloved stash away... Not surprisingly, most of it is laceweight - but you can double it up if you like a heavier yarn.

The Prizes:

First prize:
2 x 100g skeins of DK silk yarn

3 x 50 g skeins of laceweight Eva 2ply (cashmere/silk - each skein about 400  yards)

1 x 100g skein of laceweight Cecilia 1 ply (cashmere/silk - about 1400 yards)

2 x 50g skeins of laceweight Eva 2ply (silk/cashmere - each skein about 400 yards)

Second prize:
2 x 55g skeins of laceweight Sophia 2ply (cashmere - each skein about 400 yards)

3 x 50g skeins of laceweight Eva 2ply (cashmere/silk each skein about 400 yards)

2 x 100g skeins of laceweight Lydia (cashmere, linen, silk each skein about 600 yards)

Third prize:
1 x 50g skein of laceweight Eva 2ply (cashmere,silk each skein about 400 yards)

2 x 50 g skeins of laceweight Eva 2 ply (cashmere/silk each skein about 400 yards)

1 x 100g skein of laceweight Cecilia 1 ply (cashmere/silk about 1400 yards)

How to Enter:

Just make a donation here to the Canadian Parkinson Society before September 12th at noon.  (That's when I'll draw the winners' names.)

Everyone who donates will be entered into the draw for the yarn.  You can send me an email (thingssoolikes at gmail dot com) or leave a comment after you've donated.

Mention this fundraising effort on your blog and link to this page and you'll get a second entry into the contest.   After you've added the link, you can email me (thingssoolikes at gmail dot com) or leave a comment.

Anyone who donates $10 (or more!) Canadian (about £6) ($10 US) will get a FREE pair of the knitterly earrings I was making earlier this week as a thank you.  You can select style (little ball of wool or knitting in progress) and colour (purple, green, blue, red (not shown), white, or pink (not shown)).

I know times are hard everywhere and I appreciate whatever you are able to give.

If you've got any questions you can email me on thingssoolikes at gmail dot com.

Good luck!!


Dana said...

Done and done! I hope that you reach your goal! Good luck!

Sharon O'Donoghue said...


I hope you far exceed your target.


hamle06 said...

done, I will be taking a walk that day in your fathers honor.

mandli said...

Done, sorry it couldn't be more xx

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

Done - and I tweeted about it.!/PrmintMochaMama/status/110718271971532800

quinn said...

Done! Good luck on reaching your goal. Your father must have been an inspiration - and continues to be, as the walk in being held in his honour!

quinn on rav

Lindr said...

Good luck on your efforts - my mom has Parkinson's - I'm always happy to donate to the cause. Your posh just makes it more exciting! Thanks for the incentive.

lindaran (on Rav)

barbara/Purplemoose said...

donated in honor of my Aunt Barbie who has Parkinson's. Good luck on the team reaching its goal.

janiannie said...

Just made a small donation...sorry it wasn't a bigger one. The totals are looking really good, you must be delighted.
Posh yarn looks amazing...parting with some of your stash is such a lovely gesture.
I'm always inspired by your fantastic lace projects and the speed with which you complete them leaves me breathless!

Emily said...

Done. Thank you for raising money for such a good cause and for organising the lovely prizes!

Mariask said...

An excellent cause, and some lovely yarn as an inducement!
If my name comes out of the hat, please could you contact me via Ravelry - Mariask is my name.
Thanks, and good luck!

Mezzamay said...

I've made a donation! Well done for all your efforts. I will do a blog post too.

Mezzamay said...
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Mezzamay said...

Sorry having inking issues!
I have also done a blog post :

Han said...

What a neat idea for a fundraiser! I hope you exceed your expectations and that your whole team do well.
If I am lucky enough to come out of the hat - buffythesage on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

I've just donated, good luck with your fundraising. I really hope you do well with this, it's nice to see the online knitting community come together for a good cause. (If I'm one of the lucky three kk87 on ravelry)