Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Knitting - Sort of!

The Princess is making snail-like progress.  Whenever I think about knitting on it - something more important I need to do pops into my mind.  

Like the dishes. 

Or tidying the spare room.  

This would annoy me less if it meant that my house was now a pristine shining show-home.  But it isn't.  It seems I get distracted by something else  (usually paper, ink and glitter) before I actually do the dishes or tidying.

The Princess continues to defy all sensible construction traditions.  Having picked up the 865ish stitches for the wide border I had a moment of optimism when I thought "oh - at least I have the rows getting shorter to look forward to".


 The wide border begins with 865 stitches and 220 rows later it still has 865 stitches. 


I half-heartedly started working on this sock in the hope it'll spark the knitting fires.  So far, it's just resulted in a 3/4 finished sock.

In fact the most  yarn action I've had this week was inspired by some earrings that my friend the Caked Crusader pointed out to me - with the question "How cute are these?" And I had to agree they are darn cute.  (There are a LOT of really cute (and sometimes odd!) things there - the knitted knitting octopus is amazing  and there's a pattern!  The necklaces are sweet too.)

Realising that I had yarn (which at my current knitting rate was never going to be anything but yarn), and beads, I figured I could probably make a pair.  So I did.

Not quite as tidy as the originals -- winding little balls of yarn neatly is way harder than I expected it to be.

Perhaps I should take it as a good sign that while making my second pair, the temptation of little needles and small balls of yarn meant I started making these:

So maybe the knitting drought is ending!


The Caked Crusader said...

Fantastic - love the balls of wool and the knitting ones! So clever.
Looks like I owe you a sandwich!

fleegle said...

Me too. I've been making tiny bunnies, because nothing seems to be appealing :( August? Heat?

LittleBerry said...

Those are seriously cute earrings you've made I do like 'your version' of the knitted scarves....

Now you know why I crochet as nothing knit-wise appeals to me...