Wednesday, 29 June 2011

When the End isn't the End

So following the great shrinking fiasco I returned to the Princess edging.

I knit a little each day.

Only a little each day because edging knitting at the beginning of a project is wrong and against the natural order of things.  (That and the fact that I've recently become obsessed with paper and glue and all things inky and glittery. )

But I have been knitting when I manage to get the ink out of my fingers and yesterday I counted my edging points and I had made it to 62.  WooHoo!

I took a look at the pattern to see where that put me in the 'how much longer will this have to go on' stakes.

And this is what I read:

Knit the edging for 85* points.
I glanced down to the * point and saw this:

* 2007 note: For a shorter edging you could make only 62 edging points....
62 points! I have 62 points.  Clearly it is fate that I checked the pattern at this point.

The practical, let's get this edging done side of me is screaming (really, it's screaming) "WooHoo! you are done. Now you can do some real knitting.  Let's go!"

But the masochistic, obsessive compulsive side of me is whispering "Well, you could do the 'easy' alternate edging.  If you aren't up to the project as it was originally designed  then you should stop now - don't push yourself."

Even as I write this I KNOW the practical side of me was right.

No one, not even the Princess' designer Sharon Miller herself would actually notice if I did 62 instead of 85 repeats.

But I probably don't need to tell you that I'm on repeat 68 now.....

It's hard work being a freak.


Gale said...

I'd fit that freak definition too, if that helps.

Kate said...

Another 23 points is hardly anything once you've knitted so many already. And you'll feel good about yourself afterwards. ;-)

Ann said...

Looks like fun, what's the problem? LOL, I have to admire your freakiness, although you might want to look into getting that stubborn streak removed.

fleegle said...

I am awash with admiration. I made it to two points and frogged.

Moggle said...

But it will be worth it - it's incredibly pretty edging.

Jessica said...

I want to knit that shawl some day. I guess I'm a dreamer as well as a freak, because I'm quite certain that I'd knit ALL the repeats, too.

LittleBerry said...

aghh but at least you know the pattern off by heart