Sunday, 18 April 2010

In Spring a Young (ish)(in her heart) Knitter's Thoughts Turn to...

Tea Cosies!

My lack of focus continues so I've decided to just go with the flow for the time being!  And the flow this week has me thinking about tea cosies.

Some of you will recall my last cosy knitting phase -- it led to these 4 beauties.

Recently someone from the Marie Curie Cancer Care fundraising group found my cosies and let me know about their latest fundraising event - 'Blooming Great Tea Party' and design a tea cosy competition!

Although I like the Tea Party idea (who doesn't love a tea party!)(scones - yumm) and have decided to hold a small but elegant party to raise a bit of money it's the tea cosy competition that has my attention this week.  I've been swatching up a storm and drinking gallons of tea for inspiration - but so far all I've got to show for it are lots of swatches and an empty tea canister.

Luckily I've got until the end of August to complete my masterpiece as that is when the competition ends.  (Entries will be displayed and raffled at the London Knitting and Stitching Show in October.)

In non-tea cosy news I've made a bit of progress on the socks and managed to not cast on any new ones! (Well, not that I recall.)  In a slightly more surprising move I am pretty sure that I'm going to put the Queen Susan aside for now and cast on the Wedding Ring Shawl. I have no rational explanation for this but ever since the Wedding Ring Shawl pattern arrived it's been calling to me.  And I'm a sucker for a knitting pattern that calls to me.

For my non-lace obsessed readers a Wedding Ring Shawl is a traditional shawl knit with very fine yarn which should be fine enough to be pulled through a wedding ring.  This particular pattern will be approximately 5 ft - 6 ft square when it's done.

Of course given my current attention span you may pop by next week to discover I've taken up matchstick models.


Fiona said...

Oh, wow!!! They are brilliant tea cosies!

Batty said...

I love the sheep cozies. They are brilliant.

Now, I'm having an image of you waking up on the kitchen floor, yarn everywhere, and several freshly cast-on sock projects lying all around you, one with a half-turned heel still in your hand... Now that would be a serious sock bender.
I've never had this happen with knitting before. Yarn shopping, on the other hand... I don't remember where some of my stash came from.

Toni said...

Love the cosies, but I linked to the match stick models. Those are amazing! I actually did a currency conversion till I thought about my eyes and what kind of magnifying glasses I would need and the two new babies coming into the family this year who need handknits. Guess I'll stick to my wool.

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