Monday, 19 January 2009

2009 - A Ripping Good Year?

So far in 2009 I feel like I've ripped out more knitting than I have in my whole knitting life!

The first project I (almost) finished this year failed at the blocking stage (the blocking stage!)(all knitting done!)(the magic failed me!) and is now in a heap in my knitting basket. Eventually I'll rip it out and use the yarn for something else.

It was a Hemlock Blanket in Noro Silk Garden. To be honest I was never really in love with it so I'm not gutted that NO amount of blocking would remove the puckers. I've made the Hemlock successfully before and suspect that it is the extended size of this version (150 rounds) that is causing the problem. Or rather, that I extended the size but didn't increase the increase rate sufficiently. Or something.

I've been faffing around with this Silk Garden yarn for ages and ages. I'm determined to make a throw/blanket of some sort with it but haven't found a happy pattern yet. As you can see in these pics I've tried a few things but so far no joy.

My second project of 2009 has a happier ending and I hope to post some pictures later today when I release it from the pins -- but it involved a lot of ripping back as well.

It's obviously going to be one of those years.


fleegle said...

So sorry about your frog party. I hope you'll find the perfect pattern real soon.

Gale said...

I've decided on a mitred squares blanket in a whack of colours. Not so keen on it either, but feel the need to keep going. It will make a nice gift for someone next fall. Good luck in your search for a suitable pattern. And thanks for the sizing info on Peacock Feathers - I'll be using smaller needles too.

Opal said...

it's too bad the hemlock didn't work out. good luck in finding the perfect pattern for the noro soon!

HPNY Knits said...

the miter style knitting, using the Horst Schultz patchwork method is ideal for Noro silk Garden.
you can see here, plus a link to directions.

Linda M said...

Hi Soo,
I check your blog every-so-often when I need a lace fix. I have the perfect pattern for a silk-garden throw. It works very well as a Zimmerman pi shawl. I am making one in Silk Garden Sock in color 184 and I love the bright orange rounds that come up regularly. You can see several on Ravelry if you look for Pi Shawls.