Friday, 15 February 2008

Hooked by the Hook

This week I've mostly been crocheting.

Way back when I discovered the world of fibre on the internet (last April) one of the patterns that caught my eye was the Babette Blanket from Interweave Crochet. (It's now available to buy as a single pattern.) I loved the burst of colour and it immediately reminded me of crocheting granny squares out of Phentex(!) when I was 11. (Now Phentex you will recall was the most artificial of all yarns and unpleasant to touch-- but it did come in every colour imagineable and I had a vast supply of leftovers due to my mother's Phentex slipper obsession.)

I got distracted by lace knitting but almost a year later it seems the right time to tackle the Babette.

I toyed with the idea of carefully selecting colours and creating a blanket in muted (or at least related) tones. But somehow - the idea of a blanket in haphazard rainbow colours kept calling me back.

The end result won't be an elegant throw casually thrown onto my sofa, I expect it will live in my blanket box most of the time. But I imagine that when I'm a little under the weather, or need a bit of cheering up it will be what I curl up with on the sofa.

Being me I couldn't face deciding what colours to use in each square so I (geek alert) created a little randomiser spreadsheet that mapped them out for me. Some of the squares are surprisingly pleasant combinations of odd colours - others - not so much! But I'm hoping the overall effect will work.

In Other Business
A few people have very kindly nominated me for a Make My Day award. The rules say that I now need to pass that award on to 10 others. After careful consideration I've decided that I'd like to pass the award on to the lovely people who comment on this blog. It amazes me that people take time out of their busy day to see what I'm up to -- and even more so when they add a few words on what they've read! So thanks -you all Make My Day!

And I've been tagged by a 3 or 4 people -- one requires me to divulge 5 facts, the others 7. And in doing so I am tagging all of you readers/commenters to do the same on your blog! (By the way - for really interesting 7 facts check out Fleegle's responses to this tag!)

Soo Facts
1. I come from a big family. 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 5 nieces, 1 nephew, 62 Aunts and Uncles (31 by blood, 31 by marriage), and 65-75 first cousins. I should know how many cousins I have but I can never really remember how many kids my mom's oldest brother had (I never really knew him).

2. My father's mother (I called her Mamie) is my hero. She was very poor, married incredibly young and had 18 children. She was funny and feisty (you have to be I guess to keep all those children in line) and she had an amazing capacity to love. She died 19 years ago and I miss her still.

3. I love humous (and indeed hummus).

4. I make big decisions (moving country, changing jobs) quickly and based on gut feeling. However, ask me what I want for lunch and I can be paralysed for ages by the options.

5. I play the piano and sing. I do neither well but that doesn't stop me.

6. I can be sort of obsessive about things (bet that's a surprise to those of you who watched Lyra take over my life) and I can be very single minded. But oddly, I am also easily distracted. And once I'm distracted, whatever it is that I was obsessed with is forgotten and it's unlikely I'll ever get back to it.

7. I hate fruitcake.


Temperance said...

Such pretty colors, Why do the icky yarns have to be so darn colorful.

Anonymous said...

would you mind sharing that randomiser? I would really appreciate it! I'm LeftKnitting on Ravelry

Beverly said...

I love the Babette Blanket! I don't usually like granny squares, but something about that blanket is just lovely to me. Can't wait to see yours all done up.

I am the same way about decisions. Big ones are made with gut feeling, but small ones cripple me.

Anonymous said...

At least twice a week people come into my LYS looking for Phentex.

Your blanket is going to look fabulous all rainbowed-up. <3

Decisions? Hell yes. Small decisions take ages, but big ones? It's all about the instinct.

Opal said...

Oh your Babette is going to be gorgeous! I love the colors. So cheery.

I'm almost the same way with decisions. I still need a couple of days with the big ones. I like to weigh the pros and cons for just a little bit first. But little decisions? Oh I hem and haw.

fleegle said...

I am totally undecided what to say here, dither dither. Babette is bodacious!

cpurl17 said...

Wonderful colors!

I'm with you on the decison making and the fruitcake thing.

clarabelle said...

Babette is so gorgeous, but I can't bring myself to pick up the crochet hook. Your colours are beauteous and I'll look forward to seeing your progress!

My maternal grandmother was nicknamed Mamie too, which I only found out recently; and I too can make mega-decisions, but have trouble with mini- ones. I'm so sure we're related... do you have a nervous twitch and an extra finger as well?

ContinentalCat said...

I love the colours you've chosen for your Babette, it's going to be gorgeous (no surprise, knowing your work!)

Batty said...

Babette is fun and colorful, love it! Fake yarns are colorful and easy to care for, so I'm not particular about fiber content for things like blankets. It's going in the washing machine, right?

Queen of the froggers said...

Thats going to be a great blanket! I hate fruitcake too!

cinnamongirl93 said...

I just love the yarn ball shot! I do not crochet...yet. I have see this pattern before and adore how it looks! Have fun creating!

Holly said...

Fun blanket, Soo. I bet it will cheer you on a dreary day. What yarn are you using? I think I spy at least some Dream in Color Classy, but my eyes may deceive. Can't wait to see th finished product!

Oh, and the lunch decision thing can paralyze me, too. You're not alone!

Viknits said...

I like the look of the randomised blanket!
And wow.. what a huge family! Ours is dwarfed in comparison (there's me, mum, grandma, one aunt and one cousin, and a half brother!)!!

Viknits said...

PS. Did you get the second skein???

PPS. I also hate fruitcake.. yuk!

The Caked Crusader said...

I am saddened at seeing the word "hate" and "cake" appearing in so many sentences.
Y'know how each time a child says 'I don't believe in fairies' a fairy dies - well that's like me and hearing "cake hate". Fruitcake has feelings too, people!

Fiona said...

Lovely colours. I'm always impressed by people who take on crochet projects. Looking forward to see your progress.

LittleBerry said...

love babette... think the randomiser isn't geeky but a good way of stopping you using 'favourite' colours...

I could do with some of your knitting mojo, mines gone up and gone and am still looking for it at the moment.... I can't believe how much you've knit in the last couple of weeks !!!!

z's momma said...

I like the randomizer. Not geeky at all. Your Babette will be lovely!

Femmy said...

Fruitcake is neither fruit nor cake. To me anyway. So if it please the court, I hate it as well.

Lovely blanket. I enjoy reading your stories too.

Is your excel randomizer published somewhere on your site? I would love to see how it's done. Just starting my Babette and can use all the help I can get, Thanks