Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Sarcelle Stole

I'm making pretty good progress on the Sarcelle Stole. This isn't the best picture for showing it off but it gives the basic idea. I'm quite pleased so far.

And I'm even more pleased that I've discovered these rosewood knitting needles! They are a giant leap from the bamboo needles I was using (and an entirely separate experience from the nasty circular needles I started on). I really can't believe what a difference they make. I'm so in love with them that I've ordered a second pair - just in case something untoward should happen to thse ones!! (I bought them from Purlescence - a lovely supply of special knitting luxuries!)

The pattern is satisfying to knit - largely repetitive (so soothing) but with just enough milestone moments to keep me interested. The basic pattern is a 6 row repeat which is pretty quickly memorised. Row 5 requires some casting on (14 sets of 4 stitches) which I found annoying to begin with but I've gotten used to it -- and it's a money row -- it tidies up all those (deliberately) dropped stitches into a nice heart-ish pattern. There is no 'rest' row - so you do need to pay attention even on the purl rows - but it's not tooooo taxing.

Discovering this internet knitting universe has proven to be an expensive adventure!! On the weekend I'll post the treats (or some of them) I've acquired in the last couple of weeks.

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