Sunday, 6 May 2007

Progress Report

Sarcelle Shawl is going well - and due to my obsessive knitting at the moment I'm over halfway! Well, according to the pattern I'm over halfway -- but I've decided to make it a bit longer than the pattern so by my modified reckoning I'm halfway as I've decided to do 11 or 12 of the 36 row repeats in the 'even' section rather than the specified 9.

It's looking lovely and I'm now in love with the Kid Silk Haze yarn. The rosewood needles and a bit of experience mean I'm much more comfortable with it. I'll happily use it again. It knits up like a cloud and feels really special. The fuzziness is soft and doesn't overpower the lace pattern - just softens it a little around the edges.

In the background I'm working on a pair of socks. (I will explain more of the sock thing in another post soon.) They are in Opal Rainforest 'Chameleon' yarn. It's lovely to work with. I'm slightly annoyed about a fault(?) in the yarn - which means the striping in the socks is different. In sock one, the 5th stripe from the top is much smaller than all of the others.... It's more striking in the photo than in real life and I haven't decided for sure how much (or not) it annoys me....

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