Thursday, 13 October 2011

I Just Needed Some Colour

Progress on the Princess continues steadily along.

I'm now on the final chart of the wide border (hurrah!) but still have a long way to go before I can call the shawl done.  Once the wide border is finished, I've got the triangle body to complete and then finally, another round of tedious edging.

I'm actually really enjoying knitting on the Princess at the moment but I went into a bit of a panic a few days ago as I considered the coming weeks (and weeks) of 'antique silver' (GREY) knitting I had ahead of me.

As most knitters would, I turned to Ravelry when the panic hit and catching up on some of the projects of a local knitting group I saw the PERFECT DVD watching colourful project the Lily Crochet Blanket.   Before I knew it I had downloaded the pattern and was ordering mini skeins of yarn from the Knitting Goddess to get started.

This won't be enough yarn to complete the blanket (each skein is about 1/5 of a regular skein) - but should get me started.

(The Natural Dye Studio who have made the pattern available also has mini skeins perfect for this project - but they were sadly out of stock when my 'need it now' mood struck!)

The yarn dropped through the letterbox a few minutes ago and I'm itching to get the colour flowing, but I need to tidy up the glue and glitter and get ready for gorgeous god daughter Genevieve's weekly pizza and gossip session.

Maybe tomorrow.....


Kate said...

Well, that would certainly fill anyone's need for colour. It's gorgeous! :-) (I really need to learn to crochet more than just granny squares...)

And the Princess is looking lovely, even if she is a bit grey.

fleegle said...


Yarn Changer said...

Wow. You are ambitious. The shawl is coming along wonderfully and now you are taking on another large project. The colors are beautiful. I understand why you need color especially at this time of year.

Kim Dellow said...

Ooo lovely colours! Kim

Nic said...

I just found your blog today, and have spent a lovely couple of hours from my sick bed looking at all your beautiful work. It's enough to cheer anyone up :)

Princess is also on my list but I want to try wedding ring or queen ring first. Or maybe lerwick. I see you've knit two of those, what are/were your thoughts on them? So far I've just knit rosebud from HK and think it's time to start another challenge. Well, that and having got some new gossamer from artists palette :)

Adding you to my reader now so I can follow on your princess journey.

Anonymous said...

Your Princess progress and patience makes me more enthusiastic about going back to my shawl (it's only a triangular one) after I've completed a few small stashbusting projects. Love the Lily afghan that you've chosen - I've just discovered the joy of crocheted blankets and am now totally obsessed with the Neat Ripple Blanket by Lucy of Attic 24 - I can't recommend it highly enough!
Also, I haven't visited your blog for a wee while, but after my last visit I went straight onto amazon and bought the Lyra pattern - now I just have to organise yarn and find time for selfish knitting! :)

fleegle said...

It's more than a scarf. I could wrap it around the entire town of Cleveland, GA.

Kai said...

Loving the Princess... can't wait to see the final project. I love grey/silver, but I know what you mean about needing colour!

Love the mini skeins and I so want a Lily of my own!!

Joan said...

I do miss your posts. Hope all is well.