Monday, 18 April 2011

The Princess Waits ... But Some Knitting Occurs

So immediately following my last blog post I thought if I'm going to do this Princess thing I'd best start by buying the pattern so I placed an order and waited anxiously.  Three days later the pattern dropped through the letterbox and I was ready to go!

Or so I thought.

I had planned on using some lovely Fleegle gossamer weight yarn I had in the stash.  A gorgeous bluey-greeny peacock colour.  2600m of the stuff.  A beautiful yarn and really, how can 2600m not be enough for anything?

When you've decided to take on the Princess that's when.  Sharon recommends a staggering 5800m - 5.8 km - yarn. 

Not having 5.8km of any single yarn in my stash I was back on to the Heirloom Knitting website and ordered up some 'Antique Silver' CashSilk.  With luck it will arrive this week.

In the meantime I've knit up the lovely green laceweight merino I posted about last time. 

I couldn't find a pattern that sang to me so I just cast on and played around a bit until I came up with this.  I really like the little ruffle and have dubbed it  - Just a Little Bit of Ruff.

It's a simple construction - starts with 11 stitches cast on.  (6 for the main body of the shawl and 5 for the ruffle edge). 

The first row is k1, yo, k2tog, k1, yo, k2tog, knit 5

The ruffle is formed using short rows.
At the beginning of wrong side rows (ie when starting at the ruffle edge)
-  knit 2 stitches, wrap the next stitch and turn (to wrap a stitch and turn - simply slip it to the right hand needle, bring yarn to front then turn knitting)

-  knit 2
-  knit 2, knit next stitch picking up wrap, knit 2, wrap next stitch and turn (picking up the wrap is simply inserting the needle into the wrap and then through the stitch on the needle - easier when you are doing it!)
-  knit 5
-  knit 5, knit next stitch picking up wrap, yo, k2tog, knit to end of row.

I increased on the third and every second row after just before the fagotting until I had 25 stitches in the main body, then every 4th row until there were 35 stitches in the main body and the every 6th row until there were 45 stitches.    Then I knit straight until I used 49 (of my 100) grams of yarn, and the reversed the process to the end.

I'd like to make a larger one in a heavier yarn - perhaps in a yarn with long colour changes - I like the idea of the striped ruffle.


Anonymous said...

5.8km!!! That's, um, scary.

I love your shawl, it looks like a great pattern for handspun, one for the queue...

√úhltje said...

Can't wait to follow your adventures on that one! You have also caused me to name my LLS 'the blob', couldn't help myself and it's so fitting.