Friday, 6 August 2010

I Almost Forgot

I just realised I haven't posted the pictures of Gen's birthday gift - Arielle by Kim Hargreaves.  Although - technically it ended up not being a birthday gift as I had a button crisis at the last minute followed by sleeve paralysis.

On the Saturday before her birthday brunch I was pretty close to being finished - just a bit more of the front, the neck edging, the cap sleeves and a bit of sewing - and I needed some buttons.  (Oddly, as I write that now it seems clear that there was no way that was all going to get done before the brunch.  Hind sight!) 

The button issue had me waffling between a shorter trip to a local-ish yarn shop - where I couldn't be sure they'd have the  right buttons but I'd have more knitting time - and a longer trip to John Lewis - where I knew they probably would have the right buttons but I'd lose valuable knitting time. 

I managed to waste quite a bit of time debating the situation and eventually decided that the local-ish yarn shop was the way to go.

I was wrong.

Not only did they not have the right buttons - they didn't have any buttons.

So I hop on the tube and head up to John Lewis.  I do indeed find the right buttons (I buy 2 styles so I can compare and contrast later), and I do indeed waste most of the day's knitting time.

Not to be beaten by buttons I return home and knit up a storm.  I finish the front, and e neck edge and both sleeves in no time at all.  I seam up the sides.  I'm on a roll.  But...

But the sleeves seem way too small for the armhole.  Inches too small.  I pull at them a bit but they still seem too small.  I do a quick search and see many others have encountered the same problem when knitting this pattern.

I admit defeat and stuff the sweater into the knitting basket. In a fit of pique I ignored the sweater for a couple of weeks -- because clearly THAT will make the sleeves fit the armholes. 

Finally, last weekend I pulled the sweater out and was considering re-knitting the sleeves adding in some extra rows when I decided that maybe - just maybe - if I steam blocked the garter rib they would fit. I gently stretched the sleeves holding the steam iron about an inch above the fabric and heh presto -- now they fit the armhole!

I like the finished sweater - and I think it will suit long and lean Gen very well - but I don't think it's a style that would suit shorter curvier frames.

I knit it in the recommended Rowan Fine Milk Cotton on 2.75mm needles.


fleegle said...

Thanks for the compliment! And I return it--that's an elegant sweater!

Kate said...

It's a lovely sweater. Agree that it definitely looks best on slimmer frames from those I've seen on Rav. I'd look like a dumpy middle-aged mother in it, I fear. :-P

LittleBerry said...

It's a lovely elegant sweater and am sure Gen will look great in it....

Janiannie said...

What a beautiful sweater and knit to perfection! Has it been given to Gen yet? I'd love to know what what she thinks of it...a photo of her wearing it would be even better!

Joan said...

Lucky Gen-- Long, lean, AND beautifully Arianned!