Monday, 8 March 2010

It's all about perspective

On Friday my friendly Amazon delivery man delivered my new television. I didn't particularly need a new television - my old one worked fine (although it isn't digital)(or HD) - but the mood just struck me and because Amazon Prime makes these things all too simple a day later my new 37" HD telly arrived. Too (foolish)(impatient)(both probably) to wait for help I risked my arms, back and the warranty by lugging the thing up two flights of stairs.

A few expletives and close calls later the tv was unpacked and set up. And suddenly, my old television, which seemed fine to me before looked TINY. Like some sort of handheld tv you'd carry with you on a coach trip and the new tv seems HUGE. Like a cinema screen.
And what does this have to do with knitting you are probably asking (to be honest I forgot myself) -- but it will all become clear (as soon as I remember).

When last we met I was ready to start the Queen Susan - the yarn was ordered and the pattern downloaded and printed (all 70 pages worth!).

The yarn arrived and it is gorgeous. But holy fine yarn batman! It's so thin!

For comparison here's a snap of some yarns I've used for projects over the past couple of years. There's the chunky yarn I used for Gen's caridigans, the aran weight yarn I used for my sister's Nantucket Jacket*, a dk weight, a sock weight, Jaggerspun Zephyr laceweight (a laceweight yarn I used for lots of my lace shawls) and the yarn I'm using for the Queen Susan.

Look how fine the Queen Susan yarn is -- it's no thicker than thread! Suddenly that laceweight Zephyr looks chunky.

But it is BEAUTIFUL yarn. Some of you may recall my whinging about the Shetland lace yarn I used for the Lerwick Shawl -- it was quite uneven and felt really fragile at some points. This yarn (designed and spun to the genius Fleegle's specifications and dyed by Artist's Palette) is evenly spun and doesn't make me feel it's a stitch away from snapping.

Working with a yarn this fine requires good pointy needles. I started the project with some standard Addi's but that was torture -- the pont wasn't nearly pointy enough. A trip to iKnit later and I was zooming along with a pair of Knit Pro (Knit Pick) circulars. (Zoom being a relative term.)

I haven't actually made much real progress - I did two repeats of the alternative centre before I decided that I wanted to make the original centre. So back to the starting line and not even a full repeat in this photo.

I've also been working on a pattern called Summer Night Top as a birthday present for Caroline. It's a pattern I fell in love with when I came across it - and I think it'll look great on her.

* Speaking of sweaters that look great on their recipients - here are some snaps of my sister in her Nantucket Jacket. I feel that my blog may be bringing my sister to her true calling as a model -- how fab does the Nantucket look on her??


PenCraft said...

I admire your braveness in tackling the Queen. :)

Your Nantucket jacket is gorgeous and your sister does make a great model.

Jackie said...

Wow! That IS thread. If anyone can work with it, it's you! I'm looking forward to your posts about how it's going.

Kate said...

That is SCARILY fine, but so very tempting (I see that it comes in a fantastic deep red!). I think it's probably the same thickness as some lovely cotton/cashmere I bought from Colourmart because it was dirt cheap. That was back when I didn't really understand all the numbering of thicknesses business (and to be honest, I still forget what it all means) and it's like sewing thread. Though I have 3,000 metres of it if I ever get the urge for torture. :-P

The Caked Crusader said...

Now I've mastered knitting (3/4s through my monkey scarf) let me know if you need any help/advice!

Glad to hear the telly's a success!

Linda said...

Gosh, thats fine yarn. I will watch your posts about it with wonder as I could never cope with yarn that thin!

Jessica said...

Yay! She posted! And it's all looking very, very good. Makes me want to cast on for something really complicated.
(Go figure- I'm currently working up the courage to frog and restart a stockinette st. baby sweater for the third time...)

Joan said...

Bigger nicer telly = more knitting time! Thx for the link to the "Summer Night top"-- it's lovely, as is the sister in your handiwork. Bon Courage for the Queen Susan. You are a more intrepid knitter than I!

Natalie Servant said...

Good luck with the Queen Susan. I imagine she may take some time to complete!

I love the view of the back of your sister's sweater. That's some beautiful work.

Batty said...

Love that sweater. Beautiful shaping and detail on the back.

That yarn, though... it's spider-silk thin. I'd be afraid the cats were going to do a number on it.