Sunday, 23 December 2007

Christmas Knitting Done --- Oh No It Isn't!!

When last we discussed knitting I was smugly basking in the warm glow of completed (and delivered!) Christmas knitting. I think the warm glow overheated my brain because on Friday night I decided to knit hats and mittens for G and S.

So Friday night I began a simple ribbed hat. Progress was good and that smug feeling returned as I approached the end of the first hat (for S). This success led me to decide yesterday at 4pm that I should make G this cardigan instead. It's Tess from Kim Hargreaves Heartfelt collection. (Bought on Queen of the Frogger's recommendation -- thanks!!) Encouraged by the Big Wool and crazy big 12mm needles I made a trip to John Lewis and bought the yarn and buttons.
I was a knitting dynamo last night and knowing that I'm out for the rest of today I got up at 6:30 and now have the front/back completed and a good chunk of the first sleeve done. That's the good news.

The bad news is that my knitting on 12mm needles with huge yarn is pretty uneven, and the 'lace' pattern on the bottom will definitely need some blocking before I can give it. So, I've got to complete the knitting today, so I can block it tomorrow to have any hope of it being dry enough to wrap and give on Christmas morning. Eeeeeeek.

I'm off in about an hour and won't be back until 7 or 8 tonight. Then it's a late night knitting session so I can block it before I go to bed or first thing tomorrow morning.

Oh yeh - and then I can start S's mittens!

In response to the 'What do you do with the gingerbread house' questions -- well, another Christmas tradition is that the Sunday afternoon after gingerbread house Sunday, C and P host their annual Christmas party. The gingerbread house is used as a centre piece on the food table -- until -- at a moment determined by P -- the children (and there are lots of them) are permitted to begin eating the house. In a display of childhood feasting frenzy it is generally reduced to a few broken sweets and crumbs in about 5 minutes.
Hope you all enjoy the holidays whatever you do!!!


YarnSnob said...

Tess is looking great, fingerscross it'll all be done and dry. Have a great christmas

fleegle said...

I am wilding impressed by your marathon knitting sessions! I don't knit gifts, but I do enjoy watching everyone else turn out all these beautiful things!

Mamma Mia said...

Good Luck with Tess - it looks a fantastic. Have a great christmas then come back and inspire some more!

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas!

And wow, a cardigan in two days. Even on big needles, that's impressive.

lv2knit said...

You are a brave one -- or crazy! I did the same thing last year for a great niece: I thought I could whip up a sweater for her in no time, but it was still a bit damp when I presented it! Good luck and Merry Christmas!!

LittleBerry said...

lovely cardigan and your knitting looks fine to me..... I'm still trying to finish a pair of socks and some spinning and I have until Thursday but they've been planned a while... can't believe you only decided to do these the other day!!!!

All the best

Viknits said...

Good luck with it Soo, I am sure you'll be all finished and blocked in time :)
Have a lovely Christmas!
Vik xx

Batty said...

If anyone can do it, it's you. You're amazingly fast.